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URCAD 2011


Scholar: Samantha Medema
Mentor: Dr. Warren Belasco
Title: Pop-Tarts: A World unto Themselves
Department: American Studies

Scholar: Dora Korewa
Mentor: Dr. Duncan Campbell
Title: The Guido and the Mobster: Responses to Italian American Stereotypes in Italy and the United States
Department: American Studies

Scholar: Abigail Bratcher
Mentor: Dr. Anne Rubin
Title: Reclaiming Maryland: Confederate Nationalism in Popular Print Culture
Department: History


Scholar: Sarah Sexton
Mentor: Dr. Anne Rubin
Title: Plantation Management in Post-Reconstruction South Carolina: White House Plantation and the Aimars
Department: History

Scholar: Michelle Birky
Mentor: Dr. Linda Oliva
Title: Using Feedback to Increase Student Motivation, Effort, and Success
Department: English