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URCAD 2012


Student: Eva Jannotta 
Dr. Jessica Berman
Gender and Genre in Contemporary Chick-Lit Novels
Gender and Women’s Studies

Student: Christina Ross
Mentor: Dr. Richard Maso
Title: Political Displays in Art Museums: How Italy Exhibits Objects Repatriated from the United States
Department: Ancient Studies

Student: William Johnson
Dr. Thomas Field
Title: Sardinian Evidence of the Perfect Auxiliary ESSE: A Romance Development
Department: Ancient Studies

Student: Catherine Pasqualoni
Mentor: Ms. Laura Wright
Title: Philistines in the North? An Examination of Mass Migration to the Northern Levant in the Early Iron Age
Ancient Studies

Student: Elizabeth Locke
Mentor: Dr. Donald Snyder
Title: Behind the Apple: The Culting of Macintosh Technologies
Department: Media and Communication Studies

Student: Alyson Becker 
Dr. Stanley McCray
The Earthquake that Shook the World: Cultural Differences in Media Presentation of Japan’s Tohoku Disaster
Interdisciplinary Studies

Student: Daniel Graham
Mentor: Dr. Terry Bouton
Title: The Rising Tides: A Comparative Study of the North Sea Floods of 1953 and the Hurricane Katrina Disaster of 2005
Department: History


Student: Mary Cole
Mentor: Dr. Edward Mertz
Title: Deletion of PKA Subunits Induces Novel Packing of Collagen Fibers and Regulates Mineralization in Bone Tumors
DepartmentBiological Sciences

Student: Irma Hashmi
Mentor: Dr. Phillip Seng
Title: Iqbal’s Vision Realized: The Youth of the Arab Spring Take Action
Department: Modern Language, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication