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URCAD 2013


Scholar: Abigail Bratcher
Mentor: Dr. Kate Brown
Title: Where Do I Fit In?: Affixing a Scholar in Soviet Historiography in the West 
Department: History

Scholar: Caitlin Smith
Mentor: Dr. Timothy Phin
Title: Interpretation in the Museum: An Ancient Gem in a Modern Context
Department: Ancient Studies

Scholar: Jennifer Wachtel
Dr. Meredith Oyen
Title: Popular and Academic Comparisons of the United States’ Iraq War and Vietnam War
Department: History


Student: Kevin Triplett 
Mentor: Dr. Carole McCann 
Title: Overcoming Reproductive Barriers: Memoirs of Gay Fatherhood
Department: Gender and Women Studies


Scholar: Daniel Roeder
Mentor: Dr. Susan McCully
Title: Terms of Art”: Interpreting Mamet’s Oleanna for the Stage
Department: Theatre

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