URCAD 2018

  • Carrie Cook | Political Science
    Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Media framing of the Kurdish People
    Mentor(s): Brigid Starkey, Ian Anson
  • Carrie Cook | Political Science
    The Effect of Press Freedom and Educational Attainment on Domestic Terror in Sub-Saharan Africa
    Mentor(s): Carolyn Forestiere
  • Morgan Chadderton | Political Science
    Do State Political Party and Past Participation of Women in State Legislature Predict Future Participation ?
    Mentor(s): Carolyn Forestiere
  • Mary Farrell | Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication
    One Heart and One Soul? Popular Media as a Reflection and Narrativization of National Identity in 1970s Germany
    Mentor(s): Susanne Sutton
  • Emily Grace | English
    From First to Final: Tracing the Significance of Elizabeth Bishop’s Revision Process
    Mentor(s): Lia Purpura
  • Katherine Giitter | Education
    Comprehending and Conveying Complex Texts
    Mentor(s): Cheryl North
  • Megumi Gomyo | American Studies
    The Most Dangerous Game: How Game of Thrones Plays in Orientalism
  • Rebecca Haddaway | English
    The Woven Ocean: The Colonial Ideoscape Against Intersectional Identity in Jamaica Kincaid and Dionne Brand
    Mentor(s): Lindsay DiCuirci
  • Flora Kirk | Ancient Studies
    MONETA AVGVSTI: Second and Third Century Coin Imagery and the Influence of Emperors in Roman Britain
    Mentor(s): Melissa Kutner
  • Julian Tash | Asian Studies
    Bodies of Devotion: The Display of Buddhist Statues
    Mentor(s): Preminda Jacob
  • Kelly Wan | American Studies
    Baltimore’s Chinatown: Preserving Memory and a Conflicted Community
    Mentor(s): Nicole King
  • Morgan Zepp | English
    Environmental Imagination: The Natural World and its Human Connections through Marquez and Murakami
    Mentor(s): Jessica Berman