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Relevant employment

Dylan Elliott (class ’17)

  • May 2015 to Present, Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Editor of the UMBC Review
    Dylan’s responsibilities include soliciting submissions to the Review, editing submissions to the Review, and preparing the final version of the Review.
  • April and May 2016, Co-Director of SGA’s Department of Student Advocacy
    Dylan worked with UMBC students charged with violating UMBC’s Code of Student Conduct or Residential Life’s Rights and Responsibilities to help them understand the charges against them and to plan their defense.
  • Fall 2016, Honors Forum Team Leader; UMBC Honors College
  • Summer 2016, Assistant Director; SGA’s Office of Institutional Affairs and Student Advocacy
  • Fall 2014 to Spring 2015, as a Career Peer Advisor at the Career Center, Dylan worked one-on-one with fellow UMBC students to help them prepare their resumes, cover letters, and other documents as they searched for careers, internships, and volunteer positions. Dylan also conducted Career Center outreach within the UMBC community with workshops and presentations for Students Organizations, residence hall floors, and academic classes on topics such as career preparation, resume writing, and the Career Center’s services.
  • Fall 2013, Dylan has served as a note-taker in at least one class each semester, compiled notes and announcements, and worked with students to determine the best format for presentation.


Allison Feeney (class ’17)

  • Spring 2016, Allison tutored and nannied a first grader, providing him structure at home and reinforcing the material he learned at school.
  • 2014 – 2015 academic year, she was a note taker for UMBC Student Support Services. She took notes during her Accounting II, Corporate Finance, and American Studies classes, typed them up, and delivered them to students.
  • Fall 2014, she was an Accounting and Economics Tutor for UMBC Student Support Services. She assists students in learning material from their Accounting I and Macroeconomics classes.


Naomi Martínez (class ’17)

  • Fall 14 to Fall 15, Naomi was an employee of Residential Life at UMBC, where she worked as a desk staff in Chesapeake Hall. She was responsible for monitoring security, safety, and service for the residential facilities.

Maggie Graham
(class ’17)

  • Fall 14 – present, UMBC Scholarship Office, Maggie helped students with issues relating to scholarships, developed a wide variety of office skills, worked on website and visual aids for school fairs.


Megumi Gomyo (class ’18)

  • Spring 2015, Megumi has an Undergraduate research assistantship with Dr. Larkey for a research project on television adaptations. Working with Dr. Larkey and two doctoral students, Megumi is learning how to use Final Cut Pro X and Atlas.ti. She helps to develop a quantifiable taxonomy for comparative analyses of transnational and transcultural television adaptations by identifying components of televisual language that correlate with notions of “familiarization” and “foreignization” derived from translation studies.


Flora Kirk (class ’18)

  • Spring 2015, Flora as a Student Assistant in the UMBC Library Special Collections, responded to research requests, retrieved archival material, created book enclosures, handling rare books, updating archival metadata, scanning original photographs and microfilm and updating PastPerfect.
  • February 2015 – Present, she worked on the UMBC Student Events Board as a designer. Flora designed flyers and promotional work for events while brainstorming marketing techniques and assisting with events.


Kelley Bennett (class ’18)

  • Spring 2015- present, Working alongside Dr. Oskoz, Kelley runs the Humanities Scholars Program Facebook and Twitter pages and updates the website with upcoming events. She’s also one of the main collaborators on the HSP newsletter.
  • Spring 2016, Kelley started work as a tour guide and student assistant at the UMBC Office of Undergraduate Admissions.


Carrie Cook (class ’18)

  • Fall 2015 – present, Carrie is working in the UMBC Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation as a Student Assistant handling administrative tasks including preparing applicant materials and mailings, assisting students and parents that visit and call the office.
  • Fall 2015-present, Carrie has been a Tour Guide, leading prospective students and parents on tours of campus.


Kate Giitter (class ’18)

  • Fall 2016, Kate began her first semester with UMBC’s English Department as a peer writing consultant and a writing fellow, giving her the opportunity to work with fellow tutors and peers from different academic fields, further developing her ability to connect the her understanding of English language to other disciplines—both STEM and Humanities.
  •  Summer 2016, Kate is working with John Hopkins’s Center for Talented Youth Program at their Chesterton location. As a resident assistant, she supervised gifted and talented middle school students during residential time outside of class. Through weekly activities, she had the opportunity to organize events to expand students’ interests in literature, by holding slam poetry and creative writing events.
  • Summer 2015, Kate gained experience working with fifth and sixth graders as a counselor at ESF camps. Her role was to guide and engage students in a variety of activities over the summer, with weeks dedicated to poetry, song writing, and theater.

Rebecca Haddaway
(class ’18)

  • Summer 2015, Rebecca was a Student Assistant on the A-Team for the Undergraduate Admissions office.


Morgan Zepp (class ’18)

  • Spring 2016, Morgan was hired for a position in the Writing Center.  This position required interpersonal skills and extensive writing knowledge
  • Spring 2016, Morgan is a Writing Fellow for English 100 students — a trained position helping small groups of students at a time to workshop their written work. Morgan’s role was more of a directive leadership role in assisting beginner college writers with their essays.
  • Fall 2015, Morgan worked at Objects Found – Antiques, Art and Stuff on Consignment. There Morgan expanded her marketing, social media skills, photography for marketing.


Mary Farrell (class ’18)

  • Fall 2015 – Present, Mary works as a Student Assistant, Language, Literacy, and Culture (LLC) Ph.D. Program with program professors, helping update the LLC website, sort admissions documents, helping manage the LLC database, and other general office duties so as to gain experience in a professional environment.
  • Summer 2015, Student Assistant, MLLI Office, Mary organized and archived current personnel and financial documents into an online repository, helped students with problems relating to the MLLI department, and performed other general office tasks.


Natalie Cook (class ’18)

  • Fall 2015, Natalie worked with Capital Homecare, based in Rockville, MD as a CNA/GNA, CPR/BLS and First Aid certified home caregiver.


Mary Davis (class ’18)

  • Fall 2015 – Present, Mary worked as a Student Assistant with the  Language, Literacy, and Culture (LLC) Ph.D. Program. Mary works with program professors, helping to update the LLC website, sort admissions documents, manage the LLC database, and general office duties.
  • Summer 2015, Student Assistant, MLLI Office,Organized archived and current personnel and financial documents into an online repository, helped students with problems relating to the MLLI department, and performed other general office tasks.


Mairead Alexander (class ’19)

  • Summer 16, Mairead plans to give weekly violin lessons to private students at their homes, and will use individualized techniques to foster a lifelong love of the violin in students of all skill levels.
  • Fall 15 – Spring 16, Mairead works at Wolfe Street Academy in Baltimore City as a Violin Teacher’s Assistant, where she teaches elementary school children to play the violin as part of the BRIDGES music program. Working with a violin teacher, she tunes instruments, provides individualized instruction during group lessons, and helps ensure that each class runs smoothly. In spring 2015, she also had the chance to substitute teach violin and viola classes, co-lead orchestra rehearsals, and help direct the BRIDGES final concerts.


Sage Burch (class ’19)

  • Spring 2016, HIST 103 Tutor
  • Fall 2015, HIST 103 Notetaker