Arielle Erenrich
Global studies major / Spanish certificate

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For my study abroad experience, I chose to go to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I decided upon Buenos Aires because I wanted to go to a big city in South America to see what life was like and improve my Spanish.  I also researched Buenos Aires online and fell in love with the city’s exciting culture and history.  I went with International Studies Abroad (ISA), a program that let me pick from a variety of classes offered to international students in English and Spanish at the University of Belgrano.  I took classes that satisfied requirements for my Global Studies major.  These classes taught me a lot about the history, cultures, politics, and economies of Latin America as well as improved my Spanish.


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Being (more or less) on my own in a foreign country forced me to examine myself in new ways.  I discovered a lot about my character and learned how to adapt to my surroundings.  As a result of studying abroad, I learned the values of traveling and adventure.  Which, I believe, are imperative for personal growth and improving your ability to appreciate the world.  Studying abroad is also a great way to improve your foreign language skills.  I encourage everyone who can to study abroad.  Going to Argentina was a life changing experience for me.

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