Humanities Scholars’ experiences at UMBC are not confined to their classes. They step outside the boundaries of the classroom and apply what they have learned within a professional environment. Some examples of these internships include:

Madelyn Pollack (class ’25)

  • Summer and Fall 2022, History Intern, NASA Headquarters. Madelyn researches and writes posts for NASA History’s social media accounts, in addition to engaging in interdisciplinary research and observing and participating in the History Division’s publications process.

Julia Palmer (class ’23)

  • Fall 2022, Spring 2023, Southwest Academy, Julia is student teaching for the school year.

Evan Blakely (class ’25)

  • Summer 2022, Deloitte Discovery Intern 1 (2022), Evan networked with other interns to advise one simulated company on its acquisition and mergers as well as a real company on how to improve the transportation infrastructure of a county in Pennsylvania.
Avnee Sharma (class ’23)
  • Summer 2021, UMBC CoLab Internship, – Avnee worked in an interdisciplinary research-based team to create a public online exhibition for UMBC Special Collections.

Matthew Kelbaugh (class ’23)

  • June 2021 – May 2022, MLLI Department, Curriculum Developer for Russ 350

Ruby Millen (class ’25)

  • Fall 2022 Intern at the Women’s Center

Julianna Bumgardner (class ’23)

  • Spring 2021, Loch Raven Review Intern – Julianna helped convert an online journal to a print format, proofreading through every entry. She also helped with website management by creating a few pages. She worked with a staff member to write and edit one of her own creative nonfiction pieces.
  • Fall 2020, Bartleby: UMBC’s Media and Creative Arts Journal Social Media Coordinator – Julianna learned many ins and outs of social media market management, as well as created content to post while looking for methods to boost engagement.
  • Summer and Fall 2021, New Life Church Creative Content Intern — Julianna worked with her church’s Communications Team to edit and publish weekly video content on Youtube and other social media platforms, as well as edit several video projects and maintain and manage social media communications.

Clair Volkening (class ’23)

  • Summer 2021, Editorial Intern, Baltimore Museum of Industry: Researched, wrote, and published blog posts for the From Point to Point blog, reviewed and provided feedback on other interpretive media projects.
  • Fall 2020- present, Section Editor for Bartleby: UMBC’s Media and Creative Arts Journal. Clair oversaw the meetings to select pieces for the Bartleby publication.
  • Fall 2020-Spring 2021, UMBC Writing Fellow. Clair works with English 100 classes to assist with peer review, editing, and research.

Theo Reinert (class ’23)

  • Fall 2021, Imaging Research Center (IRC) Kaleid Podcast Intern. Theo was a student producer helping produce the second season of their podcast, Kaleid, concerning the impact of media on digital natives.

Sarah Nove (class ’24)

  • Summer 2021, UMBC CoLab Internship. Sarah worked alongside fellow Humanities Scholar, Avnee Sharma (class ’24) in a group of three UMBC students across disciplines to analyze and present items from UMBC Special Collections’s Radical Literature Collection. Their online exhibition can be viewed here.