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Humanities Scholars’ experiences at UMBC are not confined to their classes. They step outside the boundaries of the classroom and apply what they have learned within a professional environment. Some examples of these internships include:

Emily Grace (class ’18)

  • Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Assistant Editor and Online Editor at BrickHouse Books, Baltimore, Maryland
    Emily’s position will include working with about five professional manuscripts, offering commentary and suggestions to the authors, and updating and managing the publishing house’s web presence, both on the website and on social media.
  • Spring 2017, Loch Raven Review intern, based in Baltimore, MD. The work consisted of choosing potential cover art for published editions, finalizing the current online edition of the publication, compiling old texts for the print edition, and writing reviews of novels to be included in publication. 

Kelley Bennett (class ’18)

  • Summer 20117, Media intern for V-LINC, a non-profit in Baltimore that provides special solutions for people with special needs.
  • Summer 2016 – Present, Kelley is serving as the social media presence for the publication of Dr. Mitch Yockelson’s fourth book, Forty-Seven Days.

Emma Barnes
(class ’18)

  • Summer 2016, Technical Writers, Inc, — Emma was full-time intern. This is a local company that does contracting for science/technology corporations, performing services such as documenting chemical analysis equipment, producing standard operating procedures and manuals, and software testing.
  • Fall 2014 – Present, Undergraduate Researcher in Dr. Jeff Leips’ Laboratory, UMBC
    At the lab, Emma worked independently on developing an identification guide for Drosophila fruitflies, She also utilized detail-oriented skills to clearly and concisely describe different species.
  • Fall 2014 – Present, Writer at the The Helix, UMBC
    Emma interviewed students of scientific fields about their research. She then organized the information from interviews into easily accessible blog entries. Beginning in Spring 2015, she is also managing the Helix as well.

Anthony Alberti
(class ’18)

  • Fall 2016, Bartleby, Staff intern for UMBC’s creative arts journal.
  • Fall 2015, Part of a team researching the effect that video games have on community Anthony will be in charge of collecting data on who is playing the games and seeing if the games are bringing people together that otherwise wouldn’t have been or instead inhibiting the ways that they are socializing. Anthony has also been tasked with creating some of the narratives for the games.


Kelly Wan (class ’18)

  • Summer 2015, STARTALK Chinese Summer Program
    Kelly worked as a paraeducator for the STARTALK Chinese Summer Program, where she taught children Chinese language.


Julian Tash (class ’18)

  • Fall 2015, Curatorial Internship Related to Asian Art, Walters Art Museum
    The majority of work focused on object research. Julian investigated the histories of pieces in the WAM’s collection and contextualized them in the broader history of Asian art. He worked on subjects ranging from Chinese silk paintings to Japanese netsuke. Julian also created one major research project on Buddhist statuary which is currently in the process of becoming an exhibition at the WAM. While the group of pieces and their accompanying writing will be edited, he wrote all of the initial expository texts for this project and also organized an accompanying group of contemporary Japanese ceramics for this exhibition. Other responsibilities included updating label descriptions and recording object numbers for curators.


Flora Kirk (class ’18)

  • Summer 2017, Great North Museum, Newcastle, UK
    Intern under the curator of the Roman department at Newcastle University’s museum. Emphasis will be given to exhibition and display-related projects, strengthening Flora’s experience in making historical materials understandable and interesting to the public.
  • Summer 2015, Roman Baths, Bath, UK
    Flora catalogued and sorted coins from the recently discovered Beau Street Hoard, one of the largest Roman coin hoards discovered in Britain. She also designed and put together a display on coin imagery and meaning, using specific examples from the hoard.

Kate Gitter
(class ’18)

  • Spring 2016
    Kate starts her third semester as a research assistant in Dr. Borrero’s Human Operant lab, assisting graduate psychology students at UMBC with their research on Applied Behavior Analysis. Her latest project was field research determining whether or not preschool children suffer from loss aversion and how that relates to current understanding of token economies. She hopes her work in the ABA field will provide insight into the ways people learn, to prepare her for a teaching career.

Morgan Zepp
(class ’18)

  • Summer 2017, Parks and People Foundation
    Environmental Education Intern, to educate students from Baltimore enrolled in environmental-based summer program.
  • Summer 2016, Loch Raven Review Intern
    Morgan will assist the editors of this local literary magazine with publishing content on their website and doing copy editing
  • Fall 2015, Writing Center Internship
    Morgan spent three hours a week being trained and mentored to become a writing tutor in UMBC’s Writing Center. Topics of training include how to work with ESL students, how to gauge the needs of students in order to be more directive or less directive, how to tutor in subjects with content knowledge we do not possess while still being helpful during the session, and much more. Internship ended in being hired to work in the Writing Center for Spring ‘16


Zoe Russo (class of ’18)

  • Summer 2016, Editorial Intern for Brickhouse Books
    Zoe read and edited submissions by local authors throughout Baltimore, including manuscripts, collections of poetry, novellas and short stories, etc. Penned letters to authors giving them feedback on their work.
  • Summer 2015, Social Media and Communication Intern for the office of Delegate Mary Washington
    Zoe edited and wrote pieces for the delegate’s website and personally dealt with constituent concerns. He also drafted/edited materials relating to the 2015 legislative session, organized, filled, and conducted data collection. Enroll also made phone calls/sent materials for the delegate.
  • Summer 2015, Editorial Intern for NewsUp
    Zoe conducted research on current events (including foreign relations, pop culture, and the upcoming presidential election) and history. He also wrote and published quizzes for the website based on research, and promoted website and pushed quizzes via social media. Emory also monitored website traffic and user feedback and gathered data related to website traffic.


Megumi Gomyo (class ’18)

  • Fall 2015, Disney College Program in Orlando, Florida
    Megumi spent the Fall 2015 semester living in Orlando while she worked at the Walt Disney World Resort as a Theater Operations cast member. Her duties involved ushering guests in and out of the theater, helping guests make FastPass+ (Disney’s expedited wait time service) selections, and interacting with guests of various ages and backgrounds. She also was able to use her French speaking skills, as her nametag showed guests that she could speak French


Carrie Cook (class ’18)

  • Summer 2016, Young Adult Writer/Researcher Intern, Washington Independent Review of Books.
    Carrie researched and analyzed book reviews from a variety of publications, chose YA books to be reviewed and assign reviewers, communicated with reviewers and ensured reviews were turned in on time, and edited reviews in conjunction with senior assignments editor.
  • Fall 2016, Bartleby
    As a staff member of Bartleby, Carrie reviewed and chose student submitted pieces for publication in UMBC’s creative arts journal, and assisted in the editing process


Sage Burch (class ’19)

  • Summer 2016, Communications Intern, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
    Sage wrote press releases, tweeted, did general copywriting, and copywriting for the web.
  • Summer 2016, Center for the Study of Democracy
    Page wrote a 5~6 page annual review to showcase what the Center has done for the community
  • Summer 2015, St. Mary’s College of Maryland


Helena Wachhaus (class ’19)

  • Fall 2016, Section Intern for Bartleby
    Nani will help with the promotion of the literary arts journal and be tasked with reading and evaluating the pieces as they are submitted to Bartleby. Each written piece will be given a short report which will help the senior editors decide which pieces to include in the journal.


Cliel Shdaimah (class ’19)

  • Fall 2016 -2017 Hillel Shabbat Intern


Kara Gavin (class ’20)

  • Summer 2017, Used Luxury Car Dealership Internship – Receptionist
    Kara learned industry marketing and business techniques; gained more of an understanding of what major she is interested in.


Lindsey Green (class ’20)

  • Spring 2017, Arbutus Middle School
    Lindsey was an assistant in a sixth grade World Cultures classroom. She supported her host teacher by working with small groups of students and providing assistance to students who had questions about content or their assignment. This internship experience was part of an Education 310 class, which asks each student to work on their ability to connect with students in an authentic school setting.


Julia Byrne (class ’20)

  • Summer 2017, Annapolis Statehouse, Senator Roger Manno: Throughout this internship, Julia assisted with researching and tracking legislative and regulatory issues, attending civic association events, preparing issue briefings and researching constituent questions and drafted responses. She also helped draft prepared remarks.
  • Summer 2016, Montgomery County League of Women Voters: Julia helped organize the member database, addressed correspondences and served as a graphic designer.


Ahana Kowdley (class ’20)

  • Spring 2017, The Humane League Grassroots Intern/Baltimore VegFest Webmaster