Humanities Scholars’ experiences at UMBC are not confined to their classes. They step outside the boundaries of the classroom and apply what they have learned within a professional environment. Some examples of these internships include:

Avnee Sharma (class ’23)
  • Summer 2021, UMBC CoLab Internship, – Avnee worked in an interdisciplinary research-based team of 3 to analyze primary sources concerning 18th-20th century radical literature to create a public online exhibition for UMBC Special Collections. She created research essays and digital stories using primary documents and analyzed document designs to create gallery and designs page. She presented an online exhibition and group work process to internship participants, directors, and Special Collection librarians.

Julianna Bumgardner (class ’23)

  • Spring 2021, Loch Raven Review Intern – Julianna helped convert an online journal to a print format, proofreading through every entry. She also helped with website management by creating a few pages. She worked with a staff member to write and edit one of her own creative nonfiction pieces.
  • Fall 2020, Bartleby: UMBC’s Media and Creative Arts Journal Social Media Coordinator – Julianna learned many ins and outs of social media market management, as well as created content to post while looking for methods to boost engagement.
  • Summer and Fall 2021, New Life Church Creative Content Intern — Julianna worked with her church’s Communications Team to edit and publish weekly video content on Youtube and other social media platforms, as well as edit several video projects and maintain and manage social media communications.

Clair Volkening (class ’23)

  • Summer 2021, Editorial Intern, Baltimore Museum of Industry: Researched, wrote, and published blog posts for the From Point to Point blog, reviewed and provided feedback on other interpretive media projects.
  • Fall 2020- present, Section Editor for Bartleby: UMBC’s Media and Creative Arts Journal. Clair oversaw the meetings to select pieces for the Bartleby publication.
  • Fall 2020-Spring 2021, UMBC Writing Fellow. Clair works with English 100 classes to assist with peer review, editing, and research.

Natalie Guingrich (class ’22)

  • Spring 2022, UMBC Special Collections, in the University Publications collection and the Photography collection

Theo Reinert (class ’23)

  • Fall 2021, Imaging Research Center (IRC) Kaleid Podcast Intern. Theo was a student producer helping produce the second season of their podcast, Kaleid, concerning the impact of media on digital natives.

Sarah Nove (class ’24)

  • Summer 2021, UMBC CoLab Internship. Sarah worked alongside fellow Humanities Scholar, Avnee Sharma (class ’24) in a group of three UMBC students across disciplines to analyze and present items from UMBC Special Collections’s Radical Literature Collection. Their online exhibition can be viewed here.

Madeline Arbutus (class ’22)

  • Summer 2019, Design and Media Intern at the Liriodendron Mansion, Bel Air, Maryland
  • Summer 2020, Gallery Intern at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, UMBC, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Fall 2020, Arts Coordinator at OCA Mocha, Arbutus, Maryland

Danylo Leshchyshyn (class ’22)

  • Summer 2020, Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church Intern, Silver Spring, MD. Danylo assisted the parish archivist by spearheading preservation projects in the parish archives. He learned how to properly catalog archival contents, restore damaged documents, clean vinyl records, and digitize various analog audio formats.

Angelica Mansfield (class ’22)

  • Fall 2019, Educational Programming Intern for 826DC, Washington, DC. Angelica helped run after school Writing Workshops for students in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. In addition she designed posters and power points for workshops, and planned some lessons.
  • Fall 2020, Senior Managing Editor for Bartleby. Angelica spent the semester growing the Bartleby community during the pandemic and hosted events like Game Nights, Writing Workshop, and the Launch Party for the 2020 Bartleby Creative Arts Journal.
  • Spring 2021, Multimedia Intern for RepresentWomen. Angelica created graphics for a D.C. nonprofit organization dedicated to getting women into office. She also contributed to three videos and grew her animation skills in this position.
  • Fall 2021 – Spring 2022, IDEAList Intern for i3b. Angelica worked for the UMBC department of the Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion, and Belonging (i3b). As an IDEAList Intern, she facilitated dialogues and workshops on various social justice topics that support the mission of i3b.

Garrett Posey (class ’22)

  • Fall 2020-present, Intern for Congressman David Trone, Washington, D.C. Office – Answered phones and responded to emails to resolve issues and ensure constituents felt heard, while escalating casework alongside the Congressman’s staff. Completed briefings on international security issues, unemployment updates, and the COVID-19 response. Scheduled tours of the White House for the Congressman’s constituents.
  • Summer 2019, Fellow for Raskin for Congress: Democracy Summer – Developed political action skills canvassing in Virginia House of Delegates and House of Representatives races. Further research alongside other fellows allowed our group to advocate for menstrual health legislation multiple times on Capitol Hill.