Hallmarks of the program

Through the study of history, literary and cultural studies, art, philosophy, and language, motivated humanities scholars seek a better understanding of the human condition. Some of the highlights of the Humanities Scholars program are:

Individualized advising
Throughout their four years in the program, humanities scholars are advised by their program director before registration each term and when the need arises during the semester. The program director establishes a strong relationship with each student and knowledge of his or her goals and experiences at UMBC.

Crossing disciplinary boundaries
From their first semester, humanities scholars work closely with faculty from different disciplines. During the first year humanities scholars engage in a seminar each semester that is team-taught by faculty in the different disciplines. The purpose of these seminars is to enable the cohort to bond with one another and at least four faculty members. They are taught to think across disciplinary boundaries and to think about independent research. In their senior year, students participate in mini seminars, in which they are re-united with their freshman seminar professors and the members of their cohort. They reexamine selected texts they read as freshmen and note the ways in which their understanding of the readings and world views have changed.

Study abroad
A semester of study abroad is required for all humanities scholars, and this generally takes place during their junior year. Some students, especially those interested in language, may study abroad for a full year. Study Abroad Director Dr. Brian Souders works with students in the program to assure them of experiences that will best serve his or her intellectual and professional goals.

Emphasis on a well-rounded education
Humanities scholars  participate in a myriad of extra-curricular activities, internships, and on- and off-campus jobs. They are also encouraged to apply for Undergraduate Research Awards (URA) and present their work at Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD).