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Presentations and Publications


Mikaila Donaldson (class ’21)

  • URCAD Spring 2021, Mikaila will present education research from her current student teaching placement at Catonsville High School.
Sophie Shippe (class ’21)
  • Fall 2019, Institute for American Universities Business/ Marketing Conference, Aix-en-Provence, France – While studying abroad, Sophie participated in a business conference Global Marketing class. Along with classmates, she completed a semester-long analysis of the French dance company, Le Ballet Preljocaj. They created a presentation and presented at the conference.

Anjali DasSarma
(class ’21)

  • August 2020, invited to speak at the Howard County Community College newspaper (HCC Times) retreat
  • October 2020, Invited to speak at UMBC’s Media and Communications Council of Majors panel on internship success

Tess McRae
(class ’21)

  • Fall 2020, The Gallery at OCA Mocha. “SPACES: Co-Creating Communities at UMBC”. Tess’s digital illustrations were featured in this interactive exhibition.  Illustrations included spaces important to the UMBC community and proposed or co-created by undergraduate students, as well as campus hubs for creative thinking about community.
  • Summer 2020, Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (CLDE) Virtual Meeting. “Civic Life is Everywhere: Applying the CLDE Theory of Change”. Tess joined two other undergraduate students and two staff members to share ideas for the implementation and development of the CLDE Theory of Change, in part by facilitating a small group conversation with session attendees through Zoom.
  • Fall 2019, University Writers Program, Brilliant Baltimore 2019. Tess represented UMBC as one of two undergraduate student poets who performed their work alongside young writers throughout the region.
  • Summer 2019, Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement (CLDE), Ft Lauderdale, Florida.  “Change the Meanings, Change the Culture”. As the only student on a team of 10 UMBC presenters, Tess co-led a session designed to help attendees envision ways to bridge the divides between academic affairs and student affairs in civic engagement efforts on college campuses.

Harini Narayan
(class ’21)

  • 2020 -2021 Undergraduate Research Award recipient, completing a thesis pertaining to the implications of North Korean political propaganda on US-bilateral relations.


Danylo Leshchyshyn (class ’22)

  • Spring 2020, Pi Sigma Alpha Student Research Conference – Danylo represented UMBC in the 2020 conference, sponsored by the National Political Science Honors Society “Pi Sigma Alpha.” There, he presented undergraduate research on corruption in states formerly part of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact.
  • Spring 2020, URCAD – Danylo virtually presented his research on corruption in post-communist states.


Julia Palmer (class ’23)

Lexi Smith
(class ’23)

  • Spring 2020, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Panel. Panel discussed Rotary public speaking experiences.



Anjali DasSarma (class ’21)

  • June 2020, authored Baltimore Sun commentary article selected for syndication by the Associated Press Wire published in 54 newspapers across the United States and abroad.

Tess McRae
(class ’21)

  • Spring 2020, “There’s No Such Thing as Small Politics”  UMBC Magazine. Her artwork is also featured.
  • Spring 2020, “Tools for Living Democracy: Putting the CLDE Theory of Change into PracticeeJournal of Public Affairs. Tess’s internship work is included in this article.
  • Spring 2020, Bartleby. Tess’s poems “the air was out”, “phaethon takes the reins”, and “coves open” were featured in Volume 40 of UMBC’s creative arts journal.
  • Spring 2019, Bartleby. These poems “it used to be like breathing”, “melody of lamps”, and “girl steps light on crisp light snow” were featured in Volume 39.
  • Spring 2018, Bartleby. The poem “heartdew” was featured in Volume 38.


Alex Armbruster (class ’19)

  • Between Her Hands poem, in Bartleby Creative Arts Journal (Spring 2016)