Presentations and Publications


Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day

April 22-29, 2020 (Held Online)

  • Danylo Leshchyshyn, History and Political Science
    Presentation: “Exploring Corruption In Post-Communist States” Mentor: Laura Hussey
  • Julia Palmer, Global Studies
    Presentation: “De-Cyborging” Mentor: Tania Lizarazo

April 21, 2021 (Held Online)

  • Madeline Arbutus, Visual Arts
    Presentation: “Uncredited: Uncovering Names Behind the Colonized Modern Design Canon” Mentor: Margaret Re
  • Matthew Kelbaugh, History
    “The Kurds of Turkey: A Tale of Survival, Resilience, and Uncertainty”Mentor: Renée Lambert-Brétière
    “Visionary or Megalomaniac?  The Legacy of Vladimir Lenin in Contemporary Education”

  • Danylo Leshchyshyn, History
    “Legacies of the First-Called: Saint Andrew and Claims To Apostolic Succession in the Rus’-Byzantine World” Mentor: Sufian Zhemukhov

Additional Presentations

  • Danylo Leshchyshyn (class ’22)
    Spring 2020, Pi Sigma Alpha Student Research Conference. undergraduate research on corruption in states formerly part of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact.
    Spring 2021, Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium, represented UMBC at the virtual 2021 Richard Macksey Symposium, sponsored by Johns Hopkins University. Presented undergraduate research on the development of narratives of apostolic succession revolving around Saint Andrew the First-Called in the Churches of the Byzantine Empire and Kyivan Rus’.
  • Lexi Smith (class ’23)
    Spring 2020, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Panel. Panel discussed Rotary public speaking experiences.
  • Matthew Kelbaugh (class ’23)
    2021 Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium “Visionary or Megalomaniac? The Legacy of Vladimir Lenin in Contemporary Education”