Finland — Spring 2016

Ela Beck
Media and Communication Studies and Visual Arts majors




I chose to come to Finland because I appreciate its art and design. In Helsinki especially, there are many great designers and artists working in both digital and traditional mediums.  I wanted to experience this culture that has such a strong appreciation for the arts.  My classes have given me new perspectives on how art and media relate to each other, as well as a new perspectives on how culture effects views of art and media.  My classes include people from all over the world, not just within the EU, including China, Canada, the Ivory Coast, and Brazil. On a more personal level, I am learning to be more independent.  I am also making so many friends, spanning ages from sixteen to sixty-eight, and I have the opportunity to hear all kinds of stories and life lessons from all of them.  This experience has been amazing, and I can’t wait to see what adventures will happen next while on study abroad!