Julianna Bumgardner (class ’23)

  • Fall 2021 to present, CRU Vice President.
  • Fall 2020 to Spring 2021, CRU servant team member, Freshman Girls’ Bible Study Leader
  • Fall 2020, Bartleby: UMBC’s Media and Creative Arts Journal Social Media Coordinator – Lead a team and delegated tasks to facilitate social media marketing for UMBC’s literary journal.

Sydnee Conigland (class ’24)

  • Vice President, Tabletop Gaming Club Fall 2021 – Present

Clair Volkening (class ’23)

  • Fall 2021-Spring 2022, ConnectionCorp Facilitator with the Center for Democracy and Civic Life: Facilitates small groups during the CDCL’s main events and leads workshops during classes.

Avnee Sharma (class ’23)

  • Fall 2021-present, Anthropology Club President – Promoting culture relativism and supporting those of various backgrounds through campus gatherings.

Theo Reinert (class ’23)

  • Spring 2022 to present: Vice President of Media and Communication Studies Council of Majors
  • Spring 2022 to present: Disabled Student Union (DSU). Public Relations coordinator

Garrett Posey (class ’22)

  • 2019 UMBC Delegate to the 71st Annual Class of 1971 Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA). Garrett was chosen to represent UMBC at the annual convention at West Point on international affairs where he worked to create a proposal for American foreign policy with China.
  • Fall 2019-Spring 2020, President, UMBC’s Environmental Task Force – Led the club to pick up over 1000 pounds of trash from UMBC in a semester and a half. Organized meetings, communicated with fellow sustainability organizations, and worked together to make sure the campus stays green.

Danylo Leshchyshyn (class ’22)

  • Spring 2020-Fall 2021, Political Science Council of Majors, Treasurer – Danylo helped organize virtual events during the pandemic.
  • Fall 2019-present, Autism Spectrum Student Association (ASSA), Vice President – A founding member of ASSA, Danylo first served as Treasurer before becoming Vice President in Spring 2021.
  • Spring 2021-present, Delta Alpha Pi Disabilities Honor Society, President – Since its resurrection in Spring 2021, Danylo has served as the President of DAPi, helping to coordinate virtual events and reestablish it as an officially-recognized UMBC student organization.

Kristin Bechtel (class ’22)

  • Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 Asian Studies Council of Majors (ASCOM), Treasurer, Fall 2021 Secretary
  • Fall 2021 – Kpop Dance Club, Vice-President

Angelica Mansfield (class ’22)

  • Fall 2020 – Spring 2021, Senior Managing Editor for Bartleby. Angelica spent the semester growing the Bartleby community during the pandemic and hosted events like Game Nights, Writing Workshop, and the Launch Party for the 2020 Bartleby Creative Arts Journal.
  • Fall 2021, Social and Membership Director of the LGBTQ+ Student Union. Angelica hosted the weekly General Body Meetings and helped to plan events to encourage community members of the LGBTQ+ students on campus to build connections with one another
  • Spring 2022, Executive Director of LSU. Angelica transitioned into this role over the break in order to focus more heavily on the mission and growth of the organization. In addition, she coordinated with the rest of the executive board to schedule meetings and events.

Julia Palmer (class ’23)

  • Spring 2020, Shriver Center, Literacy Fellows program. Julia worked with elementary aged children in the classroom and assisted the teacher.

Sarah French (class ’23)

  • Spring 2021, Phi Mu fraternity for Women- Academic Excellence Chairman