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Mikaila Donaldson (class ’21)

  • 2018 to present, Phi Mu Fraternity for Women – Chapter President, Service Chairman, Panhellenic Delegate and Ritual Chairman
  • Fall 2018 to Spring 2019, Panhellenic Association, Standards Board Member

Sophie Shippe
(class ’21)
  • Fall 2018-Spring 2019, Secretary For Environmental Task Force – Sophie scheduled and took notes at meetings, organized the club calendar, and assisted the president as needed.

Anjali DasSarma
(class ’21)

  • June 2020, Represented UMBC at the College Media Association conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Established The Retriever Weekly Advisory Board with outstanding journalists from the Washington DC-Baltimore community.
  • Spring 2020, Student representative COVID-19 pandemic planning meetings
  • Fall 2017 to present, Humanities Scholars Senator, assisting with planning events and organizing activities.

Tess McRae

  • Fall 2020 to present, Design Coordinator, TEDxUMBC. As part of the Organizing Committee, Tess creates promotional graphics for the organization, and managed the technological logistics behind the “Unmasking Uncertainty” event hosted on Webex in November 2020.
  • Spring 2018 to Spring 2019, Director of Communications, Student Government Association. Tess served on the 2018 Election Board, as a Coordinator for Graphic Design and became the Director of Communications in Spring 2019.
  • Spring 2018 to Fall 2018, The Retriever Poets. Tess was the founding Secretary of this organization that’s dedicated to providing a space for poetry writers.

Elizabeth Eakes
(class ’21)

  • Spring 2019: Represented UMBC at the Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement conference, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The experience provided insight about community-university partnerships and methods of engaging students in the efforts of participating in and shaping democracy.
  • Fall 2018- Spring 2019: President of  UMBC’s Environmental Task Force. Led club members on weekly stream cleanups in the green spaces on UMBC’s campus. While Elizabeth was President, Club awarded the Margaret Rosch Jones Grant for a Conservation Landscape Tree Planting. Organized social and environmental events, collaborated with other environmental student organizations and UMBC Facilities Management.
  • Fall 2017 – Spring 2018: Living Learning Community (LLC) Ambassador. Organized events that encouraged positive living community values and relationships among LLC residents.
Sam Adebesin (class ’21)
  • Fall 2017 to Present, Humanities Scholars Senator
  • Fall 2018 to Spring 2019, Secretary for The Cleftomaniacs, UMBC’s premier co-ed a cappella group. In 2018, the Cleftos made history as the first UMBC group to place in an ICCA quarter-final, while also receiving the award for best choreography.


Danylo Leshchyshyn (class ’22)

  • Spring 2020-present, Political Science Council of Majors – Danylo currently serves as the Treasurer. In this role, he has helped organize virtual events during the pandemic.
  • Fall 2019-present, Autism Spectrum Student Association (ASSA) – A founding member of ASSA, Danylo currently serves as the Treasurer, and will serve as Vice President starting in Spring 2021. In this capacity, Danylo has worked with the rest of the ASSA Board in planning regular meetings.

Angela Mansfield
(class ’22)

  • Fall 2020 – Present, Senior Managing Editor of Bartleby. Planned and executed writing workshops and game nights twice a month, as well as the 2020 Bartleby Launch Party; Assisted in the selection of writing and art for the 2021 Bartleby.

Garrett Posey
(class ’22)

  • 2019 UMBC Delegate to the 71st Annual Class of 1971 Student Conference on U.S. Affairs (SCUSA). Garrett was chosen to represent UMBC at the annual convention at West Point on international affairs where he worked to create a proposal for American foreign policy with China.
  • Fall 2019-Spring 2020, President, UMBC’s Environmental Task Force – Led the club to pick up over 1000 pounds of trash from UMBC in a semester and a half. Organized meetings, communicated with fellow sustainability organizations, and worked together to make sure the campus stays green.


Julianna Baumgardner (class ’23)

  • Fall 2020 to present, CRU servant team member, Freshman Girls’ Bible Study Leader
  • Fall 2020, Bartleby: UMBC’s Media and Creative Arts Journal Social Media Coordinator – Lead a team and delegated tasks to facilitate social media marketing for UMBC’s literary journal.

Julia Palmer
(class ’23)

  • Spring 2020, Shriver Center, Literacy Fellows program. Julia worked with elementary aged children in the classroom and assisted the teacher.

Avnee Sharma
(class ’23)

  • Fall 2020-present, Anthropology Club Secretary – Promoting culture relativism and supporting those of various backgrounds through campus gatherings.

Sarah French
(class ’23)

  • Spring 2021, Phi Mu fraternity for Women- Academic Excellence Chairman


Enya Carter (class ’24)

  • Fall 2020 – Social Media committee member for Bartleby, UMBC’s Media and Creative Arts Journal. Created graphics for Instagram and wrote post captions


Jonathan Harness (class ’20)

  • Fall 2017, Treasurer of the History Student Council. One of the founding members of the current History Student Council, this following a period where the once active student council lost its position as a student organization due to a lack of membership. Jonathan will be responsible for its funds.

Julia Byrne (class ’20)

  • Summer 2017, College Democrats Treasurer: Managed finances and planned events for the club
  • Winter 2017, Co-chair of the UMBC Progressives LGBT Caucus: Organized speakers on progressive subjects, planned phone banks to local officials, and participated in campus-wide events.

Chelsea Johnson (class ’20)

  • Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Secretary for American Sign Language Club. The Secretary is responsible to take minutes and handle communications for group. Role also includes supporting VP and fulfilling VP duties if he/she is not able to.