Wales — Spring 2017

Anthony Alberti


I chose to study at Swansea University primarily because of the classes they offered on their English Literature and Creative Writing program, but when I visited Wales last summer, I really enjoyed my time there. The country is so full of a rich literary history that is still thriving today.

All of the classes that I am taking here are English literature courses, which all focus on different literary periods. One of my favorites is a course on literature from the first World War, and it is very interesting to discuss the impact of that war in class because it is still something that is rather relevant to European culture. As my professor put it, World War I was the beginning of a common European culture and legacy.

I’d say that since starting my journey here, I have become much more sure of myself. Being able to live on my own, navigate airports on my own, and communicate with people from a different culture, has given me the courage to face any challenge that I meet head on.

Many of my experiences of communicating with people from another culture occur in my home here. I live with five Welsh students and while this can be frustrating at times (the Welsh accent is not easy to understand), it has been a very eye opening experience. We have many discussions about British politics and culture that I would not have had otherwise.