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Volunteer Work

In addition to completing internships, humanities scholars’ also volunteer at different programs and institutions. Some examples of the humanities scholars’ volunteer work include:

Mikaila Donaldson (class ’21)

  • Spring 2018 to Spring 2021: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals – Volunteer at the Believe In Tomorrow Children’s House, a CMNH partner in Baltimore. Assisted in making meals for families staying in the home, as well as making their days easier and brighter through various interactions to create normalcy in their lives. Additionally assisted at fundraising events.
  • Spring 2019: Global Brigades in Ghana – Built biodigester tanks and pour-flush toilets for homes partnered with Global Brigades in the village of Ekumpoano in the Ekumfi district of Ghana. Presented to the community secondary school the importance of handwashing in addressing public health issues.
  • Spring 2018: Alternative Spring Break Participant in Baltimore – Went on an immersive week-long volunteer experience in Baltimore to learn, volunteer, and help raise awareness around health issues the city faces, particularly concerning homelessness and incarcerated women.

Lily LaFemina
(class ’21)

  • Summer 2018: Camp Counselor at Howard County 4-H Camp

Harini Narayan
(class ’21)

  • Fall 2017 to present: Student coordinator servicing the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.


Danylo Leshchyshyn (class ’22)

  • Fall 2018: Maryland Fleet Week and Air Show, Baltimore. Danylo helped direct and guide tourists to exhibits.

Garrett Posey
(class ’22)

  • Fall 2018-present, UMBC’s Environmental Task Force Member – Regularly picked up trash and recyclables on and around the UMBC campus to be disposed of correctly.


Lexi Smith (class ’23)

  • Spring 2021, Lori’s Hands Community Health and Service Learning. Lexi will be assisting with interviewing and editing duties on an upcoming podcast project aiming to create five-episodes about the lives and stories of Lori’s Hands clients, all of whom are living with chronic illness in Baltimore.
  • Fall 2019 to Spring 2020, Reading Partners, Baltimore. Lexi served as a tutor and worked with students at Lakeland Elementary’s branch of Reading Partners. Reading Partners offers free tutoring to elementary school students struggling in reading.

Clair Volkening
(class ’23

  • Fall 2019-Spring 2020, New Friends of Yours club. NFY strives to connect UMBC students to local senior living centers and nursing homes in the Catonsville/Baltimore area, and support them through in person activities.


Enya Carter (class ’24)

  • Fall 2020 – Informal weekly tutoring in Elementary Korean


Lindsey Green (class ’20)

  •  Fall 2016, Environmental Task Force
    Lindsey participated in the organization’s weekly clean-up days, which depart from the Mezzanine stairs in Commons every week . Most Fridays during the semester, Lindsey would spend about an hour and a half cleaning up trash from various parts of the UMBC campus. For example, the organization sanitized the environment surrounding the Stadium Lot and the forest behind the Residence Halls. The Environmental Task Force organization exists under the guidance of the Office of Student Life.

Jonathan Harness
 (class ’20)

  • Fall 16, Informal tutor in Greek
  • Spring 17, Study group
    Led a weekly study group for Greek

Julia Byrne (class ’20)

  • Summer 2017, Arthritis Foundation
    Julia assisted in organizing a yard sale to raise money for the Foundation
  • Spring 2017, MDCC
    Served as coordinator at the annual brunch and gala.
  • Winter and Spring 2017, Howard County Democrats
    Canvassed and phone banked for a variety of special elections.
  • Winter 2017, Medstar Montgomery Medical Center
    Julia helped check patients into the emergency room and connect with their families.
  • Fall 2016, Southwest Harbor Emergency Services
    Sorted canned goods and clothes and assisted clients.
  • Summer 2016, Silver Spring Democrats
    Canvassed local neighborhoods and made phone calls to voters asking them about the issues important to them.
  • Summer 2016, Counselor for GenOUT’s summer camp
    Julia helped supervise LGBT youth and taught about being a member of a professional chorus.

Ahana Kowdley (class ’20)

  • Spring 2017, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
    John’s Hopkins Children’s Home (through Phi Mu)

Chelsea Johnson (class ’20)

  • Spring 2017, Splash! UMBC
    Organization with classes designed specifically for middle and high school students. Chelsea worked in an American Sign Language class to help spread awareness of deaf culture and teach students American Sign Language.
  • Fall, Spring 2016, AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination –  AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.
    Was a speaker and a panelist for program.


Sage Burch (class ’19)

  • Spring 2016, Relay Elementary School
    Student mentor
  • Summer 2015, Hog Island Audobon Society, Muscongus Bay, Maine
    Camp Volunteer at Friends of Hog Island, Audubon Camp that offers environmental education programs for adults, teens, families and conservation leaders