Maggie Graham
Anthropology/Cultural and HAPP majors
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I chose India for a lot of reasons. From a very personal standpoint, I’ve wanted to come here since I was a little kid, I love the food, I’m vegetarian. From a more academic view, as an anthropology student this is one of the best places to study; the culture is so diverse and influenced by so many things that it is a prime location to study. As a public health student who wants to work in developing countries, this is a great first look at what the reality of that situation will be, and the intersection of health issues and culture here make it a great place to study development.


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The classes I am taking here are all about international development, and I am taking a course specifically for public health that looks at the health issues in India and how we can develop interventions to help the people while still being respectful of the culture. Academically, I am learning a lot about the theory behind development and about how much culture affects day-to-day life here. Personally, I am learning a lot about who I am and where I want to be later in my life through my daily activities and experiences.
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