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Volunteer Work

In addition to completing internships, humanities scholars’ also volunteer at different programs and institutions. Some examples of the humanities scholars’ volunteer work include:

Maggie Graham (class ’17)

  • Summer 14, MedStar Montgomery Hospital
    Maggie worked at the information desk and assisted people in locating their loved ones in the hospital, answering phones, and helping patients and visitors as they come into the hospital.
  • Fall 13, Best Buddies
    Maggie volunteered with Best Buddies through the Honors College. This involved going to a women’s home once a week to help the residents there feel more connected to the community by spending time with them, helping them with art projects, and giving them company.
  • Fall 13 and ongoing, Maggie volunteers regularly to support Girls on the Run (an organization designed to help young girls with combat self-esteem issues), the Special Olympics (for physically and mentally challenged athletes), the S. June Smith Center (for physically and mentally challenged and delayed children), and the Samaritan Women (for victims of sex trafficking) as a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Laura Sharp
  (class ’17)

  • Spring 2015, B’More Proud LGBTIA Leadership Summit
    Laura was a member of the  hosted by UMBC. She was the Volunteer Recruitment and Management Coordinator, which encompassed both asking for volunteers from the student body of UMBC’s campus and other Baltimore campuses as well as coordinator for set-up of events throughout the day, sign-in at the beginning of day, and providing assistance to the attendees.
  • Summer 14, Anne Arundel County Public Library
    Laura volunteered two days a week doing odd jobs in the office to help prepare for children’s activities and filling in when other volunteers can’t make a day.
  • Summer 14,  Intercultural Community Center’s Power School
    Laura volunteered a couple days a week in Westbrook, Maine at the school’s summer program to keep ESL students in practice.

Allison Feeney  
(class ’17)
  • January 2015 and January 2016, World Relief
    Allison volunteered for the office in Anne Arundel County, answering phones and performing administrative tasks.
  • Spring 2014, College Gardens
    Mary helped provide a safe and fun after-school learning environment for children in the College Gardens community located in Baltimore. Her service included serving the children snacks, assisting them with homework, and engaging them during their active play time.
  • Fall 2013, UMBC English Language Institute
    Allison was a Conversation Partner with a native Arabic speaking student who was studying abroad in America. She helped him practice conversing in English.

Dylan Elliott
 (class ’17)
  • Fall 2013, UMBC Success Program
    Dylan served as a Student Peer working with students that have learning disabilities and ensuring that they had a quality classroom experience.
  • May 2014, Maryland Humanities Council
    Dylan served as a volunteer judge – judging history fair projects for the Maryland State History Fair.


Naomi Martínez (class ’17)

  • Spring 16, Chile
    While studying abroad for the semester, Naomi volunteered in a language exchange program helping Chilean students practice their English and learn about American culture in one-on-one and small group settings, while also practicing her Spanish and learning more about Chilean culture.
  • Fall 13 – Fall 14, Global Medical Brigades Club
    Naomi volunteered at UMBC, where she worked to fundraise money for medical supplies for communities in rural areas of Panama with limited access to healthcare.
  • Summer 2014, Habitat for Humanity
    In June 2014, Naomi traveled to Anchorage, Alaska, where she helped build houses in a low-income neighborhood.
  • Spring 2014, Panama
    Naomi volunteered in a medical clinic in intake, triage, consulting, and pharmacy rotations, and worked on a public health project building compostable latrines.


Julian Tash  (class ’18)

  • Fall 2014, Choice Education
    Julian volunteered at Lakeland Elementary/Middle School’s where he helped to plan and supervise programming for at-risk youth.


Rebecca Haddaway (class ’18)

  • Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, Arbutus Achievers
    Rebecca completed the PRAC 096 through the Shriver Center, working with a group that meets twice per week to provide one-on-one tutoring and constructive activities for at-risk students at Arbutus Middle School. She also met for one hour per week to write curriculum for the program, as this is a pilot year.
  • Fall 2014 to Fall 2015, Alpha Phi Omega
    A co-ed community service-focused fraternity on campus involved in raising money for the Casey Cares Foundation, cleaning up Patapsco State Park, and volunteering with BARCS–an animal shelter in Baltimore.
  • Fall 2014, Active Minds Club
    Club seeks to promote awareness for mental health issues, as well as to fight associated stigma.

Emma Barnes
(class ’18)

  • Fall 2014, The Samaritan Women
    Emma volunteered at this organization which advocates against human trafficking and provides restorative care to victims. This involves working on the grounds, doing tasks such as gardening, cleaning, or building.

Morgan Zepp
(class ’18)

  • Fall 14 to present Arbutus Achievers Club
    Morgan works with Arbutus Achievers Club as a mentor and tutor, planning activities to enrich and engage academically struggling middle school students; tutoring them in troubled areas.
  • Fall 14 to present REACH Initiative
    Morgan works with REACH Initiative—Gender & Women’s Studies and Psychology Committee—a mentoring program for young women in Baltimore high school who are interested in STEM fields. The GWST/Psych committee is dedicated to creating workshops for these girls that focus on female empowerment in male-dominated environments.

Flora Kirk
(class ’18)

  • Fall 14 to present Archaeology Lab
    Flora works in the UMBC Archaeology Lab processing and catalogueing artifacts excavated in Baltimore and surrounding areas.
  • Fall 14 to present Ancient Studies Council, Secretary
    Flora’s duties include: oversee and assist in running movie and craft events that promote ancient history and the Ancient Studies major. Secretary role involves designing promotional material and keeping meeting minutes. Previously Treasurer (2015-2016), involving the purchase of t-shirts and handling of money during bake-sales.

Natalie Cook
(class ’18)

  • Spring 15, Relationship Violence Prevention Advocate
    Natalie was trained in how to deal with situations of domestic/similar violence as well as worked on publicity events.
  • Fall 15, The Samaritan Women organization.
    The TSW is dedicated to giving aid to victims of sex trafficking
  • Fall 15 American Red Cross
    Natalie organized a blood drive.

Emily Grace
(class ’18)

  • Fall 14  Choice Program
    Emily worked with Choice Program’s College Night. The program works with disadvantaged Baltimore City youth ages 9 – 17, providing them with current UMBC mentors with the end goal of encouraging the youth to attend college. The youth meet the mentors at UMBC for dinner in the dining hall, educational activities, and an hour of recreation in the RAC.


Kelly Wan (class ’18)

  • 2014 to present  Global Brigades Human Rights & Microfinance Chapter
    Kelly has been a member of UMBC Global Brigades Human Rights & Microfinance Chapter. She learned how to provide legal counsel, educational workshops, and civic empowerment to those seeking aid. Despite not being able to attend the 2015 spring trip to Panama, Kelly has participated in the financial aspect, promoting different fundraisers, including selling coffee and Global Brigades tee shirts. She hopes to attend the upcoming brigades.


Anthony Alberti (class ’18)

  • Fall 2015 Undergraduate Admissions
    Anthony was a Student Ambassador for Undergraduate Admissions promoting UMBC to prospective students by participating in student panels, receptions, online chats, admissions programs, and by hosting students.


Carrie Cook (class ’18)

  • Spring 2015, SUCCESS Book Club
    Carrie worked mentoring and supporting local enrolled students with intellectual disabilities in order to develop life skills and promote job prospects
  • Fall 2014, From Seed to Table
    Carrie worked with SUCCESS (Students United for Campus-Community Engagement for Post-Secondary Success) with  From Seed to Table helping to mentor and support local enrolled students with intellectual disabilities in order to develop life skills and promote job prospects.
  • Fall 2014, Pigtown Food for Thought Garden and Paul’s Place
    Carrie worked on a Welcome Week Service Project involving the Pigtown Food for Thought Garden and Paul’s Place. She worked with other UMBC students to maintain a vegetable garden in a food desert area of Baltimore city and packed backpacks with school supply donations for underprivileged students


Kate Gitter (class ’18)

  • Fall 2015, UMBC Welcome Week
    Kate introduced the freshman class to campus during welcome week. As a Woolie, Kate guided freshman and transfers through their first week at UMBC, supervising and organizing welcome activities and helping students adjust to life on campus. During Welcome Week she also had the opportunity to speak on a panel for Humanities majors and answer any questions new students might have.
  • Fall 2014, Arbutus Achievers Club
    Kate volunteered with UMBC’s Arbutus Achievers, where she helped tutor local middle school students. As part of a team with other tutors, she helped plan and execute activities for after-tutoring sessions centered around real world skills like leadership and creativity.


Zoe Russo (class ’18)

  • Fall 2014 – Fall 2015, Retriever Weekly
    Emory has written several articles for the News section
  • Fall 2014 – Spring 2015, Spring 2016 – Present, Bartleby – UMBC’s creative arts journal
    Contributor to and one of the reviewers for the Fiction section
  • Fall 2014 – Present, Freedom Alliance and Spectrum (largely support group/social organizations).
    Emory has played a role in organizing and staffing some events through QUMBC, such as the Trans Day of Remembrance memorial events, Trans 101, Queer Prom, etc.


Mary Farrell (class ’18)

  • Summer 2016, Howard County Historical Society
    Research assistant on research projects regarding Howard County as well as working with people who wish to access the Howard County archives for research projects.
  • Fall 2015, Spring 2016, St. Vincent’s Villa
    St. Vincent’s Villa provides help for children with behavioral or emotional issues. Mary played with kids on Sports Days to build teamwork, lead an Easter egg hunt, and helped the kids with crafts and other activities.
  • Fall 2015, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Volunteer
    Mary formed part of the “Survivor Lane” at the finish line and cheered on runners as they ran past, commemorating those who lived through a battle with breast cancer.


Sage Burch (class ’19)

  • Spring 2016, Relay Elementary School
    Student mentor
  • Summer 2015, Hog Island Audobon Society, Muscongus Bay, Maine
    Camp Volunteer at Friends of Hog Island, Audubon Camp that offers environmental education programs for adults, teens, families and conservation leaders


Caleb Campbell (class ’19)

  • Fall 2015, Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter


Mairead Alexander (class ’19)

  • Summer 2015 and 2016, Little Friends for Peace (LFFP), Mt. Rainier, Maryland
    A non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and cultivating a culture of peace. Mairead co-leads peace circles, which are designed to teach children nonviolent strategies through cooperative games and activities. During the summer of 2015, she worked as a counselor at the annual Peace Camp a free summer camp program, which serves at-risk youth in DC’s most underserved areas. During the summer of 2016, she plans to work as a team leader and yoga teacher at Peace Camp as well.


Helena Wachhaus (class ’19)

  • Winter 2016, Climate Change Exhibition, Content Research and Development Volunteer
    Helena spent 20 plus hours at an environmental and historical conservation in Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. (Vieques Conservation and Historical Trust) over Winter break.


Bianca Washington (class ’19)

  • Summer 2014, Fitness Fun Camp
    Taught children from lower income families how to play soccer and develop healthy life style habits


Cliel Shdaimah (class ’19)

  • Fall 2015, College Garden with the Shriver Center