I’ve read the Mission and Vision statement, what else can you tell me about the Humanities Scholars Program? 
The Humanities Scholars Program is a merit scholarship program.  Students are selected based on their commitment to the humanities, strength of their written application, academic background, and impression made in the faculty/peer interview.
Hmm… you mentioned that the Humanities Scholars Program is a scholarship program. 
The Humanities Scholars Program provides four-year awards, which often cover the greater part of the cost of attendance at UMBC. Selected humanities scholars will be offered scholarships up to $15,000 annually for in-state students and up to $22,000 annually for out-of-state students. 
What are some of the benefits of the Humanities Scholars Program?
The Humanities Scholars Program is a learning community of like-minded students. Humanities scholars take two first-year seminars together (one in the fall and the other one in spring) which allows them to grow together as a cohort. Humanities scholars are also required to study abroad for one semester in their junior year (and yes, the scholarship is applied towards the study abroad expenses).  
I have applied to UMBC already. Do I need to apply separately to the Humanities Scholars Program?
Yes, in addition to applying to UMBC, you need to apply to Humanities Scholars Program using this application. The Humanities application will require that you have your UMBC Campus ID. Your Campus ID will be sent approximately five to seven business days after you have submitted your Common Application to UMBC.
Can I be part of the Humanities Scholars Program and the Honors college? 
Of course! — In fact, many of our humanities scholars are also part of the Honors college. When you apply to the Humanities Scholars program check the box on your Scholars Program application to have it considered as your application to the Honors College as well. The two first-year humanities seminars and the study abroad semester apply towards the requirement of the Honors College certificate. More information on the Honors College is here.