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Tess McRae returns to Maryland early

"A lot can happen in 49 days. I know that twice around now."

May 5, 2020 1:40 PM
Tess McRae Humanities Scholars majoring in English with minor in Creative Writing returned early from Brighton University, Brighton England due to COVID19.

"I had the honor of taking over the UMBClife Instagram page to share what a day in my life abroad was like.
A few hours after I wrapped up my takeover, UMBC announced the impending closure of campus and the cancellation of all in-person events for the remainder of the semester; it was with this news that I really started to worry about the wellbeing of my friends and family back home."

Tess has been an Education Abroad Ambassador. See photos and read her complete Education Abroad post about getting home to the U.S.
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