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Congratulations to Maddy Pollack Humanities Scholar '24

Receives the NASA History Office Internship

Maddy is a first-year sophomore majoring in History with minors in Judaic Studies & Public History.

Maddy says: 
"Finding and getting this internship was all luck for me --I came across it during a google search, and I applied with no expectations. Not only is NASA an amazing place to work, I'm also excited because this internship will give me the chance to see how the Humanities and STEM fields interact and coexist in the real world from a truly interdisciplinary perspective."

The NASA History Division preserves NASA's documentary record, stimulates the study of aerospace history, and communicates historical information within NASA and to the public. Student interns assist the History Division by managing our social media accounts, writing features for our website, reviewing the historical manuscripts that we produce, researching historical questions, and performing other support tasks.

Posted: April 19, 2022, 12:32 PM