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Nailah-Benã Chambers work honored

Started the Diverse Hands at Work Club

Nailah-Benã Chambers shown center painting, lower right
photo Courtesy of Powhatan High School

Nailah-Benã Chambers (incoming freshman Humanities scholar) and Angel Rather, were honored for their work in Powhatan, Virginia. They started the Diverse Hands at Work Club in their junior year and made a big push as seniors to encourage inclusiveness through seminars, field trips, student forums, and the International Diversity Fair held at the school.

This school year, the Diverse Hands at Work Club and the National Arts Honor Society embarked on a new multimedia project called the Powhatan Community Makers. The goal was to honor several nominees who have made a difference in the community with special portraits and interviews spearheaded by students, said Melissa Glanden, librarian at the high school.

Chambers was chosen along with Rather to be honored for their work in Powhatan.

The project was inspired by Richmond artist Hamilton Glass, who worked with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and created a portable mural project of advocates in the Richmond community, Glanden said. The students involved in the project visited the VMFA to see Glass’ RVA Community Makers project and then created their own version for Powhatan High School.

Posted: July 29, 2019, 10:32 AM