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URCAD 2016


Scholar: Julian Tash
Mentor: Dr. Meredith Oyen
Title: “Burnt Bridges over Troubled Waters: A History of Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea
Department: History

Scholar: Melina Latona, Isabel Geisler
Mentor: Dr. Felipe Filomeno
Title: “Grassroots Alternatives to the Global Corporate Food Regime in Baltimore
Department: Global Studies

Scholar: Flora Kirk
Mentor: Dr. Melissa Bailey
Title: “I Was Here: Roman Coins in the Third Century AD and their Role in Immortalizing Emperors
Department: Ancient Studies

Scholar: Emily Grace
Mentor: Dr. Lia Prpura
Title: “By Ear: Hearing Poems into Being
Department: English


ScholarJulian Tash, Jennifer Christhilf 
Mentor: Dr. Constantine Vaporis 
Title:  The Middle Kingdom’s Middle Ground: Understanding China’s Conciliatory Policy in the Mekong River
Department: Asian Studies

Scholar: Sidrah Shayiq
Mentor: Dr. Linda Oliva 
Title:  Answer the Question: Writing Proper Thesis Statements
Department: History