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URCAD 2017


Scholar: Ela Beck
Mentor: Dr. Fan Yang
Title: “Nightwish: The Global Fan culture of a Finnish Symphonic Metal Band”
Department: Media and Communication Studies

Scholar: Dylan Elliott
Mentor: Dr. Terry Bouton
Title: “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: The Balancing Act of Maryland’s Intendant of the Revenue”
Department: History

Scholar: Flora Kirk
Mentor: Dr. Melissa Kutner
Title: “More Than Just Money: Second and Third Century Coin Circulation in Roman Britain and the Influence of Emperors”
Department: Ancient Studies

Scholar: Gabriela Roberts
Mentor: Dr. Bambi Chapin
Title: “Communication Between Immigrant Patients and Health Care Providers in a Local Clinic: An Ethnographic Study”
Department: Biology/Anthropology

Scholar: Allison Feeney
Mentor: Dr. Nicole King
Title: “Here We Go Again: Comparison of Prejudice Against Irish Catholics and Muslims”
Department: American Studies

Scholar: Emma Barnes
Mentor: Dr. Maleda Belilgne
Title: “The Borderlands: How the Alien’s Territory Becomes Productive Literary Space”
Department: English