Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day XXV
 April 19- 25, 2021 – Virtual  

URCAD features research, scholarship, and creative work carried out by UMBC undergraduates, and it’s free and open to the public! Due to COVID19, this year’s event was virtual.

For specific deadlines (as some forms of presentation require earlier deadlines), check the URCAD website!

Madeline Arbutus | Uncredited: Uncovering the Names Behind the Colonized Modern Design Canon | Mentor: Margaret Re | Visual Arts

Camille Blackford | Happiness and Wellbeing of UMBC Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Mentor: Sarah Chard and Bambi Chapin | Sociology and Anthropology

Mikaila Donaldson | Utilizing Evidence-Based Argumentative Writing – Preparing Students To Engage in College, Career, and Civic Life |Mentor: Timothy Johnson | Education

Matthew Kelbaugh | Visionary or Megalomaniac? the Legacy of Vladimir Lenin in Contemporary Education | Mentor: Vira Zhdanovych | Modern Languages, Linguistics, and intercultural Communication

Matthew Kelbaugh, Halle Gordon, Janeann Conley | The Kurds of Turkey: A Tale of Survival, Resilience, and Uncertainty | Mentor: Renee Lambert-Bretiere | Modern Languages, Linguistics, and intercultural Communication

Danylo Leshchyshyn | Legacies of the First-Called: Saint Andrew and Claims To Apostolic Succession in the Rus’-Byzantine World | Mentor: Sufian Zhemukhov | History

Harini Narayan | A Picture Paints A Thousand Words: Examining Linkages Between North Korean Propaganda and U.S.-Bilateral Relations | Mentors: Kyung-Eun Yoon and Renee Lambert-Bretiere | Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication

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