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URCAD 2015



Scholar: Jennifer Wachtel
Mentor: Dr. Meredith Oyen
Title: An Unlikely Refuge: The Shanghai Jewish Ghetto during the Rise of Nazism”
Department: History

Scholar: Yoo-Jin Kang
Mentor: Dr. Bambi Chapin
Title: “East-Asian-American Student Perspectives on Romantic Relationships and Violence”
Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

Scholar: Matthew Poissant
Mentor: Dr. Kathy Bryan
Title:  “Deceptive Innovation”
Department: American Studies

Scholar: Arielle Erenrich
Mentor: Dr. Jessica Berman
Title: “Examining the Intersections of Bildungsroman and Immigration Narratives in Contemporary United States Fiction” Department: English

Scholar: Juliana Venegas
Mentor: Ms. Anissa Sorokin
Title: “Nontraditional Students in the Writing Center”
Department: English



Scholar: Matthew Poissant
Mentor: Dr. Linda Oliva
Title: “B or Better”
Department: Education

Scholar: Alex Szabo
Mentor: Dr. Linda Oliva
Title: “Early Achievement in Primary Source Education”
Department: Education

Scholar: Alex Szabo
Mentor: Dr. Robert Rubenstein
Title: “The Sounds of Shangri-La: Community Radio and Culture Shift in Rural Nepal”
Department: Sociology and Anthropology